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Our Miracle Rosebud is Home - Now Go Hug Your Golden!

From Sandy...

On February 24th, our girl Rosebud (16-007) flew the coop after arriving home from spay surgery. Rosebud came to GRR after a family posted her on Craigslist as available - she was living in an open field in a lean-to shelter and was eating their chickens. In her new foster home there was also a ranch just behind the homes across the street and Rosebud bolted that way. Of the people we alerted to watch for her were previous GRR adopters of my beloved foster 09-166 Tussey (now Ellie). Marlys and Paul, and their watchful eyes, brought Rosebud home April 7th, 44 long days later.

Six weeks after she got loose, Sunday April 3rd, they spotted her in a field behind their home. What are the chances? That began the great stakeout as Marlys and I, and soon Arlen, began feeding her and working to slowly gain her trust. During those days, she would allow us to throw food to her. Later, she would nab food from our hands and quickly retreat, then she would linger and lick our hands, But, there was never a possibility for us to get more than a quick soft hand on her chin. But we turned a corner Thursday when Rosebud visibly bonded with Marlys. She playfully barked at her to provide food, and was following Marlys, and taking food from her over and over.

After some advice Dr. Ron Stried had given me the day before, we decided to let Marlys interact and I would watch from afar. Just before dusk, Marlys called out that something was happening! Rosebud had not just taken food and licked her hand quickly, but had kept licking it over and over. She had lain down in her 'nest' where she had slept the last few nights. She allowed Marlys to stand with her, then sit with her and then not only touch her but pet her. She had just finally surrendered and was happy to have Marlys there as her companion and protector!

I decided THIS WAS IT ... we had no idea what would happen and how we would overcome some logistical issues, which we'll leave to the imagination, but we had to try right then before it was too dark and in case this was a fleeting attitude. I brought the leads to Marlys, which Rosebud had been so wary of just 30 minutes before. She got two slip leads, a Martingale collar and leash on her. Rosebud also allowed me to join them in her nest and pet her. We raised her up, and then carried her back to the Tidrick's home handing her to a waiting Paul on their property.

Once in their yard, she allowed Marlys to walk her on a leash. It was only when we were in the front yard and she saw we were taking her to a car that she tried to bolt. Our triple lead system kept her with us and we successfully loaded her into the car for the ride to my home. When I had her in the car it was obvious she had been skunked. Marlys and I spent several hours soothing her as she was frightened and shut down. We did the best we could with a skunk solution sponge bath but she was in need of several super baths!

Friday morning, our wonderful vets at Forest Creek worked her into their busy schedule. Arlen very sweetly was waiting for us to arrive in order to ensure we got her inside safely. A vet tech came to help as well since Rosebud did not want to leave the comfort of the car. While he was carrying her inside, she completely emptied her bladder (which she had been holding since capture) all over the parking lot and those of us standing closely. Poor girl was super scared. She was checked out and is in remarkably good shape. Tests for tick borne and intestinal diseases have been sent off for analysis.

Rosebud is now settling into the home of our president, Margo, who has a calm pack, quiet house and, best of all, no access to a ranch! She reports that Rosebud has been very nervous but is making good strides.

Along with Arlen, Marlys and me, there were a lot of people who have been working to find Rosebud. Carol spent weeks working on her return as did her wonderful foster mom, Brenda, who never gave up - and many more. Marlys and I had the great joy and privilege of being there when she was ready to come home.

As Arlen mentioned on Facebook, GRR is incredibly indebted to the Marlys and Paul for what they did for Rosebud. Without them keeping a watchful eye all of these weeks, allowing us to spend all week on their property working with Rosebud, Paul feeding her and giving her water in the mornings, Marlys spending all evening with me on the stakeout; that girl would still be out there in the wilds of Round Rock. How wonderful that she is no longer out there because we have a strong and caring GRR community.

Now go hug your Golden.

Welcome to Gold Ribbon Rescue, the golden retriever rescue society for Central Texas.

We provide three primary functions to fans of golden retrievers:

  1. A network for sheltering, rehabilitation and placing Golden Retrievers in permanent homes in Central Texas. 
  2. Public education about responsible dog ownership and, in particular, about the Golden Retriever breed.  
  3. A forum for Golden Retriever fanciers to meet.

GRR members assist each other with advice and information about training, health problems, and local dog activities.  Occasional social activities include the dogs and give GRR members and friends a chance to meet and enjoy the company of Golden Retrievers.

Gold Ribbon Rescue is an all volunteer nonprofit corporation.  It is recognized as a rescue organization by The Golden Retriever Club of America, Inc.  Member dues, adoption fees, fund raising activities and donations finance its activities.  Donations are tax deductible. GRR does not discriminate based on race, religion, age, national origin, language, sex, sexual preference or physical handicap.

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