Golden Retrievers Need You!

We are often told what a great group we are and what a wonderful service we provide for our dogs.  We are always grateful for the compliments and are quite proud of the job we do.  We have worked hard to make a successful program for homeless Goldens in Central Texas.  But, like any successful business, we are only as good as our help.  We have a number of wonderful volunteers and we'd like to thank each and every one-- without you, there would be no GRR!

In order for GRR continue through the years, we need your help.  The long-lasting success of this organization depends on you, our future leaders and volunteers.  Without your time, talent and leadership, we will not be able to continue our program for the years to come.  We've built a great infrastructure, policies and procedures are in place, training programs are well documented and in use and there are over 2000 happy dogs alive and living the life of luxury as the ultimate testimonial to our success.  The core group of volunteers that started this group is still in place and we've added several new faces along the way.  We've spent countless and tireless hours building the foundation and we've thoroughly enjoyed it all.  We have a vision for the future need your help to fulfill it.

Any volunteer organization is at the mercy of its volunteers.  If we had the budget, we could hire employees and life would be so easy…but we don't.  We need the money to save dogs as that is the primary and never forgotten purpose of GRR.  Imagine trying to run your office with 10 people giving 4 hours a week instead of one full time employee and you see our challenge.  It has worked, very successfully, and we'd like to keep the momentum.  The main thing we need is leadership and guidance.  We always need team members and we desperately need people to chair or co-chair the teams we've built.

Don’t have a clue about how to run a rescue or even know much about Goldens?  Don't worry, all training and mentorship is provided, you just need to have a fondness in your heart for homeless animals and a desire to help them through their roughest time:  that of being left unwanted.  We have four great volunteers who don't even own a dog and that hasn't stopped them!

What exactly do we need?  We need everything under the sun and no doubt whatever your talent is, we can use it, dog or non-dog related:  

  • Can you talk on the phone and fill out a form?
  • Know anything about websites, databases and spreadsheets?
  • Got an hour to spend visiting with a prospective home showing them how to care for their new pet?
  • Can you do clerical work like data entry, mailings, make copies and/or word    processing?
  • Can you take dogs to and from the vet, run errands, shuttle supplies?
  • Can you make phone calls and/or run errands to set up special events?
  • Can you sell hotdogs or Boutique items at a fundraiser?
  • Do you have legal or accounting talents?
  • Know anything about insurance?
  • Can you open your home to a homeless dog (foster)?
  • Can you train people, and/or do presentations?
  • Know anything about marketing, fundraising, party planning?
  • Can you run a computer and do some process management?
  • Do you like to write stories, thank you notes, and letters?
  • Can you make simple schedules, like to talk to people?
  • Do you make things that could be sold at fundraising events?
  • Got an eye for merchandising, inventory management or retail?
  • Got a talent not listed here?  Call us, I'm sure we can use it!

Work full time, have a family with a busy schedule, travel a lot, or just have a lot on your plate and wonder how much use a few hours a month could really be?  The answer is PLENTY!  We have built this group on people who can only give 4 hours a month and if we had 40 of you, we'd be set!  We aren't looking for full-time volunteers (but we'd gladly take some), we are looking for people who can share just some of their time and talent, at their own pace, and on their own schedules.  Most of the work we do can be done from anywhere and at any time. 

If you'd like more information, please email us at volunteer@grr-tx.com and we'll be happy to get back to you.  Thanks so much for helping GRR become GRReat!

Here’s a link to our GRR General Brochure if you want to post it at your church or your vet’s office, or other places of interest.

Note: This two page GRR General Brochure document is designed to be printed on one-page (double-sided).

  • Professional printing, at Office Max, Kinkos, etc., is recommended.

As always, thank you for your support!

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