Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 18-008

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available soon

Age: 5-7

Weight: 50

Buddy, who was kept outside chained up day and night with limited range of movement in his past life, is a real sweetheart. He was a very neglected pooch with skin infections and ear problems, but has not let that break his spirit. Despite this, he has already begun to adapt to a safe, indoor environment and a cushy, comfy dog bed.

Personality: Buddy has been in his foster home for a few weeks now and, boy, have things changed! He’s completely house trained. He’s not using a crate since he is very reliable in the house with no issues. He happily chews on Nyla bones and sleeps through the night. He does beg a little, but show me a Golden Retriever who hasn’t done that at some point in his life!

He loves the foster family’s 12-year-old and follows him everywhere. He is very happy and loving with children.

Buddy is a great car rider, but still pulls on the leash. It’s obvious he doesn’t have much experience in that regard, but he’s a smart boy and learning to be a great walking companion should not be a problem.

Foster families are asked to report what they consider “brags” about the dog they are fostering. This is What Buddy’s family has to say about that: “His overall adjustment and his health condition is a huge win. He looks so much better and acts like he feels so much better. He is now playing with the other dogs without issue. This dog is so resilient and amazing. His spirit was never lost despite what was done to him.  He is so sweet and so loving and such a pleaser. You cannot help but fall in love with him immediately.”

Ideal Home: Buddy likes kids, although the fosters aren’t sure about small kids, but kids around 12 he's fine with. With slow intros, Buddy gets along with nice, calm dogs, so another dog in the family would be okay. It would probably be better for him to get more of the attention. He has a strong prey drive, so his forever home should also be cat free. He does like it outside so he needs some room to roam but with secure fencing since he still has a bit of that urge to jump fences. Also, because he was kept outside most, if not all of his life, it's likely that Buddy could be a bolter, so his family should becautious when opening doors with him around. This tendency was the reason that his surrendering family chained him in the backyard. He may have some separation anxiety so if he could be with someone home most of the day, that would be best. Remember, this is a dog who lived outside on a chain for most of his life so he’s still adjusting. Buddy would definitely benefit from obedience training, leash walking and confidence building sessions. Buddy also has a tendency to dig at the fence-line so he shouldn’t be left outside unsupervised until he has completely adjusted to his new home.”


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