Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 17-038

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn-in

Age: 15

Weight: 43 (ideal weight - 60)

We have a new Permanent Foster:  Ginger who is 15 – 16 yrs.  Ginger was an owner surrender from San Antonio. Ginger was first on our radar back in 2010. At that point she was a backyard dog, already a senior, and owner told us “She needs more space. No one has time for her. No yard for her.  She's an outside dog. It's too hot / cold for her.” We met Ginger but the owner changed her mind about surrendering her  saying his disabled son was attached to Ginger.

Fast forward seven years and the owner calls us again and this time says “she is old and we don’t want her.” So Ginger came into GRR care the next day.

Ginger is very frail, just 43 lbs, with all her bones palpable through her fur. Her teeth are horrendous, her coat is dull, she is deaf, and she’s stiff & arthritic. And she is oh, so sweet. She is loving being indoors on soft beds! She is getting the medical care she needs, slowly gaining weight and her fur is getting some luster back.  Ginger will live the life of luxury in her permanent GRR foster home.

 Sponsor Need: Ginger is available for sponsorship.

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