Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 12-102

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn-in

Status: Matched

Age: 5-6

Weight: 80

Personality: Lexi is a GRR veteran, orignally adopted out from GRR in 2012. Unfortunately, one of her original adoptive parents was a disabled vet and finances made it difficult for them to to continue to take care of Lexi the way they would have liked. But they did the right thing and brought her back to GRR to be cared for again until another wonderful home could be found for her.

Lexi has wonderful manners, but needs a little work with leash walking since her previous owner was  not able to take her for walks. Right now, Lexi thinks the leash means play time! She fits right in with the other foster dogs in her house and loves to chase a toy. Lexi is the eptiome of a "velcro dog", always wanting to be by her foster mom's side. She sleeps peacefully through the night in a dog bed next to the human bed - no crate for ner! She's having a bout with skin allergies right now, but loves a soothing oatmeal spa bath!

All in all, Lexi is a very happy Golden, frisky and bouncy and full of life. She is learning the tricks of the foster home from Truman and Hamilton, her foster brothers.

Ideal Home: Since Lexi is such a Velcro dog, she would love to have a family who is home a lot and want to spend as much time as possible with her, but also willing to teach her the commands that every dog should know. She learns quickly because she is so eager to please.

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