Riley (Orsino)

Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 16-111

Type of Surrender:  Owner Surrender

Status:  Available

Age:  ~ 1 year

Weight:  ~ 50 lbs


Riley is a handsome, young, energetic athlete with a never-ending supply of love and energy! With excellent house manners and intelligence, this guy is looking to show off his skills with someone willing to teach him more. New experiences, dogs and people are approached cautiously, but never aggressively. With time Riley will appreciate every new experience. His love for people knows no bounds and he is a true people pleaser. Some of his favorite things include following his leader around the house, playing fetch during the day, and pretending to be foot warmers at the end of the night.

Young and full of life, Riley is a strong athlete. Some of his favorite games are fetch, counter surfing and chewing. His foster’s are working on curbing his excitement for the last two games and with his intelligence he’ll pick it up in no time. He’s so smart that he’s even learned to open doors by himself!

Chew toys, food and grooming are also some of his favorite things. He loves food so much that he tends to steal treats away from the other dogs, although very gently. Treats should be handed out together to avoid thievery. Attention is always appreciated and Riley loves being the center right in the middle of it. He does get a little anxious when other dogs get more attention than he does. He is never aggressive though. He just can’t help but want to be the center of his foster parent’s life.

Some of Riley’s other favorite things are showing off his great behavior in the car, naptime in his crate, and squirrels. According to his foster parents, Riley has “never met a squirrel he didn’t like.” Walks are great adventures too, and Riley turns into an explorer with the desire to sniff and see everything around. Meeting and seeing new people can be an exciting thing for Riley as well. So much so that he may jump to greet people, but will eventually calm down the longer they spend time with him.

If you’re looking for a handsome, sweet, and athletic companion, put in an application to meet Riley!

Ideal Home:   

Riley is young and active and will need a very active home. He’s very affectionate and a people pleaser, so ideally he would have people companionship most of the day. Riley is also a very gentle soul and would do better with light reprimands when using corrections, as harsh tones can be frightening to him. He is also unfamiliar with cats.

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