Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number:  16-113

 Type of Surrender:  Stray

Status:  Available

Age: 2 years

Weight:  50 lbs. and gaining

Personality: Bella is a young lady that has already experienced quite a lot in life. Prior to coming into GRR’s care, Bella had given birth to a litter of pups. She was in rough condition when found as a stray, and immediately began the full GRR regimen of medical, nutritional and emotional care. Following her initial medical treatment for several conditions, she was spayed and began to make a full recovery.  Along the way, she developed an infection that sent her to the emergency room. That set her back, but with intensive care, she is coming through like a champ.  Her course of antibiotics has ended, and the infection is behind her now.  Her spirit is soaring and her true personality is revealed to all.

Her GRR foster says Bella has an incredibly sweet personality and loves attention.  She is the ultimate companion, happiest when joining you in whatever you are up to, including just chilling and snuggling.

Bella is smart enough to come in from the rain, in fact, she’s smart enough to not go out in the rain in the first place!  She is not fearful of thunder, she just knows she doesn’t want to get drenched. As far as loud noises, the New Year’s fireworks were a non-issue for her, as she was calm and collected.

She rides well in the car, and has two spots that she prefers. Initially, she would stick her head way out the window, with the wind in her hair, which resulted in the windows being mostly rolled up. These days, she loves to sit with her paws on the console, with a view directly out the front windshield, providing whatever backseat driving advice she can.

As a stray, it seems that Bella had little or no exposure to toys, so she is just now figuring out how entertaining they can be. With plenty of enticing toys to occupy her creativity, her inclination to chew other household items has waned, but backsliding has happened!  A busy Bella is a good Bella, else she’ll get into mischief!  She is not at all possessive of her new toys, and freely shares with the other dogs, which is a must in a multi-canine home.

She is a dream on walks, matching your walking speed, and is learning to not pull. Break into a jog, and she will speed up, no problem.  She has been friendly with other dogs met on walks, but nothing more than a casual hello up to this point. Bella has developed fast friendships with several dogs in her foster’s home, but she requires a gradual and controlled introduction to new dogs to prevent early snarky interactions.  Once everyone is properly introduced, great friendships develop with both male and female dogs. Similarly, when meeting new human visitors, she warms up to some immediately, and some more slowly. Almost universally she becomes everyone’s friend, flopping on the floor for tummy rubs. Her feline affinity is still unknown territory, so it would be wise to avoid cats at this point.

Make no mistake, Bella is not shy about vocalizing her thoughts.  Whether saying hello to a passing dog or “protecting” the house, she can bark with the best of them.

While mostly calm and relaxed, at times she can be a high energy Rowdy Girl, wrestling, chasing and jumping on the furniture with her newfound canine friends.  Pairing her with another rowdy pup is a recipe for high mischief, as her foster can attest. Her retriever behavior is limited to “coaching” her buddy that is retrieving a ball, by chasing alongside. Backyard racing is great fun and expends some of that age-appropriate energy during the day.  Even with an afternoon nap (highly recommended), by nightfall she is really tired and ready to crash. After a brief bedtime cuddle with her foster, she sleeps quietly all night long.

In GRR’s care, Bella has really come out of her shell, showing what a charming, cool Golden she is.  As one of her fosters brags, “She is the sweetest, loveliest dog!”

 Ideal Home:    Bella would prefer a home where opportunities abound for active companionship (human and canine), which she is overjoyed to deliver! She would be best in a forever home with adults (no children). As a two year old, her energy requires consistent channeling daily. She needs and welcomes the social interaction that training and long walks provide.

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