Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number:  16-083

Type of Surrender:  Stray from Austin Animal Shelter

Status:  Medical Hold

Age: 6-7 years

Weight:  62 lbs.

Personality: Dusty is the classic example of a Golden leaving one life behind and entering into a totally new world. And he is beginning to think that might just be great! Only days ago, when Dusty came into the care of GRR volunteers, he was depressed coming from life on the streets as a stray and then some time at the animal shelter. Dusty’s behavior was definitely self-protective. Now his is beginning to learn that special attention, kind words, generous meals and loving care can be his.  Slowly he began to come out of his protective shell, and now he is revealing his true Golden character to his GRR fosters. 

There is a lot to get used to at his GRR foster’s home.  When you’ve been out on your own by yourself, having another Golden as a close friend is new and a little daunting. Dusty has progressed from isolation to discovering that toys exist.  He really had no idea about spontaneous playtime, but is now initiating play with his new canine housemate, even smiling and extending a paw to signal playtime.  No longer a loner, he now comes to stand or lay next to his Golden roommate and relax. He truly loves to be with his humans, staying close to participate in whatever is going on at the moment. He relishes taking walks and behaves well on the leash, enjoying exploring with his fosters. In the car, he rides comfortably in the back seat, looking out the window or napping.

Besides new and unique concepts like “toys” and “retrieving”, Dusty is learning the rules of life in the house, including on-going house training,  During the recent rains, a sudden thunderclap and raindrops sent him from the yard back into the house in short order, but he had no further anxiety once he was inside. As another first in his new life, he enjoyed the post-shower toweling off and grooming enormously. So much to learn and enjoy!

Dusty’s transition is in full swing, and clearly, this boy is showing himself to be a very sweet companion, with a comfortable, medium energy level. In the brief time since he came to GRR he has truly blossomed.

 Ideal Home:    Dusty has more social skills to master, so a forever home with time for consistent behavioral training and socialization would be ideal. He has shown he enjoys the company of other dogs, so another dog in the household would be just fine. No word yet on his feelings regarding felines.

To learn about the adoption process and complete an application, click here.   We do not guarantee the availability of the dog that you have expressed interest in as it may be matched to another waiting family.  However, there are always new dogs available as rescue is dynamic.  We appreciate your interest in adopting a rescued golden.


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