Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 16-050

Type of Surrender: WCRAS

Status: Medical Hold

Age: 9 years

Weight: 88, which is his ideal weight

Personality: Charlemagne, or as he is otherwise referred to – Charlie the Great, is a big boy and a typical lovable and outgoing golden retriever who loves his belly rubs.  He knows how to wag that tail when he wants attention, and of course, he gets all the attention he wants. So far he exhibits perfect manners – he’s reliably housetrained, roams freely throughout the house without getting into trouble, and gently takes treats when offered. He knows if he’s gentle, there’s likely to be more where that came from! Charlie is calm in the house and very laid-back. He’s discovered that inside living is a wonderful thing! That laid-back attitude also happily applies during thunder storms.

Charlemagne is initially cautious around other dogs, but is quick to warm up to them. He seems to have no problem with cats. He’s not that into playing yet and hasn’t shown much interest in toys, but he’s getting there. He recently poked through the toy box and got out a ball and a rope toy.

It took him no time at all to respond to his new name and is a master at “come”, “sit”, “stay” and “down.” Charlie is great in the car, although he prefers the passenger seat to the cargo area! He’ll happily return to his designated spot when asked, however. Another plus for Charlie? He’s fantastic on the leash with no tugging. That’s a definite bonus with such a big boy.

Ideal Home: Charlemagne would be happy in a quiet, adult environment where he could be encouraged to get back his self-confidence and become a happy, healthy golden retriever.

“To learn about the adoption process and complete an application, click here.   We do not guarantee the availability of the dog that you have expressed interest in as it may be matched to another waiting family.  However, there are always new dogs available as rescue is dynamic.  We appreciate your interest in adopting a rescued golden.”


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