GRR number: 16-038

Age: 12-13

Sponsored by: Kelly, Brandon and Sloan.

A Good Samaritan discovered Collin wandering slowly down the road. Collin was initially quite wary but after a little sweet-talking and petting, he relaxed and jumped in the car. His skin was scabby, he had lots of missing fur, ears were filthy and teeth were worn teeth.  The Good Sam surrendered Collin to GRR as he needed immediate medical care.

Fast forward:  Collin’s fur, skin, ears and eyes have improved.  He still has significant dental issues, reoccurring nasal issues and early/mid-stage kidney failure.   In spite of his obvious abuse and lack of care, Collin has the delightful “Golden” personality and is enjoying life --- likely the best time he’s ever had.

Because of ongoing medical issues, GRR has made Collin a Permanent Foster Golden.  Life is truly sweet for Collin.

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