Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR number: 15-137

Type of Surrender: San Antonio Animal Control Facility

Status: Available

Age: ~ 4 years

Weight: 49.7 lbs ( Ideal weight around 55 to 60 lbs)

Why Andrea is an EGF recipient:

Dental work for cracked & broken teeth; FHO surgery

Many a shelter dog arrives as a stray, and all we ever know is when and where she was found. Her past remains a blank. But Andrea was a confiscation case. When everyone at the house where she lived was arrested, Animal Control seized the dogs left behind. The raid on the house, the sudden move, the noise & chaos of the shelter—some Goldens sail right through it, but this 4-year-old was so terrified that she would barely move. She hadn’t had much experience of the world (her long nails, curling right under her pads, bore witness to a life of confinement), and now she was overwhelmed. She wouldn’t eat, drink, stand, relieve herself, or even make eye contact. It took the concerted efforts of caring staff and a very patient GRR volunteer to help her un-freeze: “I spent close to 30 minutes in the kennel, just reassuring her I meant no harm. She’s not aggressive, just scared stiff and shut down. I finally got her on leash and persuaded her to go outside. She’s got great potential; she just needs someone to go slow with her and assure her she won’t be hurt. Right now EVERYTHING is scary: traffic noise, sudden movements, you name it.”

Sure enough, Andrea’s skittishness got her life as a GRR dog off to a dramatic start. She spooked, bolted from her foster mom, and took off into a greenbelt. She stayed nearby, but was too nervous to let anyone get close. With the help of local residents who called us with sightings, dozens of volunteers, and a wonderful Animal Control officer, she was captured a week later in a humane trap. What a relief to see her snoozing safely indoors as another rainy, chilly evening drew in!

But it wasn’t just Andrea’s confidence that needed help. An exam at the shelter had revealed that her right hip was completely dislocated, and a visit to a specialist confirmed it. “Her hip has probably been out of the socket for months. She needs FHO surgery on that side.” FHO (Femoral Head Osteotomy) entails cutting & smoothing off the head of the thighbone so that it is no longer grinding against the hip socket and causing that painful bone-to-bone contact. Eventually, a false fibrous “joint” of muscle tissue forms to hold thighbone and pelvis snugly together.

Finding an owner who could help Andrea on all levels was a tall order, but luckily the perfect person was out there! Seven months on, the progress has been remarkable. We got a photo of elegant blonde Olivia (her new name) posing on a sofa, and this note: “She had her hip surgery, and we walk every day to keep those muscles strong. She can jump up on furniture, as you see. And most important, she is not in pain like she was. She has come such a long way since December. She is happy, very communicative, and very responsive, both to vocal commands and hand signs. Traffic no longer frightens her, even heavy traffic! She loves to go with me to the Farmers’ Market at Barton Creek Mall. She is perfectly behaved around people and other dogs there, and she has no problem with people petting her. She is a great watchdog, very loving and smart. She is the light of my life.”


“The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.” ~ Walt Disney Company, Mulan

Andrea was found scared and timid, in a shelter environment which made her completely withdrawn. Her hips and her feet were painful, as her nails were so long that it was difficult for her to walk and her right hip was completely out of socket. Through the perseverance of the GRR volunteers, Andrea began to come around enough to eat and walk outside, something that she had not done in over twenty four hours.

Once placed in her foster home, her sweet personality began to grow. Although her fear and anxiety were still prevalent, as she bolted from her fosters and went missing for several days. In prompt response, the GRR volunteers and volunteers in the community jumped into action.

Thanks to her rescuer, Officer Andrea Greig, she was found safe and sound. After noticing that Andrea would cower when she heard her former name “Sue,” her name was changed to Andrea in honor of her rescuer.

With the adventure at a close, Andrea is back in foster care where she is gaining confidence daily. Her sweet and enduring personality is beginning to bloom. She is gentle with everyone, likes to stay as close as possible to her foster parents, and displays an amazing heel when on the leash. Andrea tends to ignore the other dogs and doesn’t seem to mind cats. She is an excellent house guest and will let alert you when it is necessary to use the outdoor facilities.

Andrea is looking for a quiet and patient person or family, who is willing to grow with her and willing to build happy memories together. If you’re looking for that one of kind, beautiful, sweet, and resilient soul mate to share your life with, look no further than Andrea.  

Ideal home:

Andrea is needing a patient person or family willing to help her rebuild her confidence and shower her with affection and love. Slow introductions and lots of reassurance seems to help her with new things or places. Traffic noise is terrifying to Andrea, so an ideal home would be one with a quite neighborhood and away from busy streets.

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