Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

Name: Louie

Status: Available

GRR number: 15-109

Type of Surrender: Stray

Age: 18 Months

Weight: 54 Pounds (Slim ideal weight-will fill out upon maturity)


Lovable Louie is as golden as can be:  a velcro companion with a big smile, long eyelashes, and bottomless appetite for pets, toys, and treats. Louie is not only a very handsome, sweet little guy, he will be the perfect attentive BFF for an energetic family who loves a lot of attention from their furry friend. He loves to play with other dogs but is also very interested in and attentive to his human playmates.

Louie is a young “adolescent” and is still learning the rules of what it’s like to be a mature adult but he is exceptionally smart. He never growls in an aggressive way during playtime and loves to hold his ball but will drop it by himself. He has great manners during play and doesn't mind when other dogs pull the ball from his mouth. He is learning to be more assertive, though, but in non aggressive way. He sits automatically when he wants anything and has also mastered the dog door and goes out on his own.

Louie has beautiful eyes, teeth and skin and is house trained and sleeps well through the night. He rides in the car well although he is a bit uncomfortable when the car windows are open. He’s house trained and a good boy who only chews on his toys but he is very high energy and persistent when he wants attention. He can get so excited when he sees his humans that he can be very jumpy but he is learning. With a little training and patience he will most likely mature out of this habit. He’s working on the leash concept also, pulling some but once again, learning. At the park he loves water and meeting new dogs. Louie is still underweight and needs help getting to ideal weight of ~65 pounds. 

Louie, as any adolescent, is highly influential. So if you have another dog who may occasionally like to lick the counter or dig in the trash, Louie will gladly be his “partner in crime.” Louie has a conscience though, so he has lots of guilt and shame when caught. Even though this guy is super high energy, he will take a treat non aggressively and is calm when eating. He’s not sure what to make of your cats, not quite understanding why they don’t want to play with him, but he respects their boundaries. He currently lives with a cat and tries very hard to engage it for playtime. 

Ideal home:  If you're looking for a doggie who will chill out for long stretches of the day, Louie isn't the one for you. He needs lots of attention and is relentless when he thinks he's not getting enough. He'll thrive in a multi-dog household with a younger canine buddy. Louie is still underweight and needs help getting to ideal weight of 65 pounds. Your lovable velcro companion will be your new BFF and follow you from room to room and even likes to help make dinner and eat it. 

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