Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

Type of Surrender:  Owner Surrender

Age:  Approx. 1 year

Weight:  66 pounds (ideal weight 60 pounds)

Personality:  Lucy is a darling red girl who will make a wonderful family pet!  Lucy loves playtime and exercise, and loves any chance she can get for activity with her humans.  Lucy loves to swim, take daily walks, and retrieve.

Lucy would benefit from additional training as she’s still a young dog – she sometimes likes to jump when she’s excited.  She’s an expert at stealing socks too, but drops them readily upon command.  Despite some puppy antics, Lucy has loads of potential – with a little discipline and attention, she’ll be the ideal companion in no time!  Her outgoing and sweet personality just can’t be beat!

Ideal Home:   Lucy would do well in an active home – she loves exercise and playtime!  Lucy also needs additional training to hone her obedience skills.   

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