Clara and Puppies

Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 17-139

Type of Surrender: Laredo Shelter

Status: Clara and Pax are available. Cady, Eira, Anjali and Taraji are matched.

Weight: 50 - ideal 60-62

Age: 2-3

Clara is a sweet little girl with a brand-new litter of pups (4 girls and one lone boy), who are now 4 weeks old. Clara had some serious medical issues when she came in at 15 pounds underweight. She had all but stopped producing milk and had to be put on a special diet so she would eat well and be able to produce enough mama's milk for her babies. She came through the worst of it and Clara grows healthier and healthier every day. She is beginning to wean her wiggly little brood of five.

The Pups (Updated 01/22/18:

The Furry FIve are 4 weeks old and will be ready for adoption approximately February 1. Their mama is all Golden Retriever and you can see some of that in each of them. DNA tests have been sent off and the results will be back soon. But there is little doubt that each of these five rolly-polly little golden mixes will grow up to be smart, running, retrieving, loyal and lovable friends and will represent everything that the Golden breed stands for. Here's a little information about the personality of each pup as shown so far:

  • 17-141 Pax (Available)- Male with husky type markings. The picture you see here is Pax in a "food coma." He has full belly of mama's milk and puppy gruel. He loves to crawl around on his foster momma for cuddles. Pax is the biggest of the bunch at 7.16 pounds. NEW: Pax is the largest puppy and was the most coordinated, even at 1 week. He was already up on his legs walking, not dragging himself around.  He is vocal and will sometimes just sit there and howl.  I think it's the husky in him and at this age, it's CUTER than CUTE.  He is so very friendly, but he is also very active.   He isn't hyper, but he is smart and I suspect that through puppyhood, he's going to be a bit of a handful.   He is neutral in personality, confident and loves to explore.  He gives amazing kisses and loves to sit on his brothers and sisters. Pax loves his foster mom's 8 month old golden puppy beyond words, getting amost as excited to see him and to see his mama, Clara.
  • 17-142 Cady (Matched) – Female with black with white paws. The name is from the French chateau, ‘gift’. Cady's golden fur is coming beautiful. She is the "smallest" at 6.02 pounds. NEW: Cady is active and playful, but you can interrupt her during play and pick her up, and she just settles right in.  When I have taken puppies out of the expen individually to hold them, Cady is the easiest because she just wants to curl up on your chest, lick your face, chew your fingers and fall asleep.  Cady is the "neediest" of the litter, but I do not say that she is overly needy.  She is a neutral personality puppy who will explore.  She is more cautious than Pax, but not as cautious as Anjali.  HOWEVER - I will say that she is noisy when she plays.  She likes to stand on the top of the slide and yell.  Twice, there has been this screaming that has brought Clara and I running.  Both times, it has been Cady, standing on the top of the slide, yelling.  Husky genes!
  • 17-143 Eira (Matched) -  Female, mostly tan. Her name is from the Welsh word meaning ‘snow’. How can one resist Eira's cute face and those SWEET eyes. "OH MY GOSH", says foster mom. "I cannot resist them." NEW: Eira is the tan puppy.  She is a very neutral, confident, loving little girl.  Eira loves to be held and cuddled and as soon as you pick her up, she will kiss you.  She is not afraid of new situations, and like Pax, is one of the first to venture forth and explore.   She loves to make growlie noises when she plays, but as far as whining, she is one of the quieter puppies.  When Clara comes near, she gets excited, but she is not usually one of the puppies crying for a long time.   Eira was the first puppy to use the slide.  She climbed up and she climbed down.  She also taught her brothers and sisters how to use it - they followed her after a few moments, when she was using it.  Eira also played with the gym first and was the most interested in it early on.   Eira will be a middle of the road, neutral, cuddly and loving puppy. If I were to adopt one of this litter (I AM NOT), I would choose Eira.
  • 17-144 Taraji (Matched) – Female with brindle with dark on her face, but not completely covering. Her name is from the Swahili word meaning ‘peace’. From their wonderful foster mom: "Oh my gosh, she gives the most wonderful puppy kisses. She crawls in my lap, leans against me and just looks at her brother and sisters." NEW: When people come to socialize, Taraji is always one of the favorites of the adults.  She is really cute and playful, very affectionate, but when you hold her, she bends her head and cuddles in.   A couple of times, the parents haven't wanted to give her up because she is so sweet and gentle.   She knows her name!  I will walk in the expen, and she will sit and stare up at me.  When I say her name, she will run over and jump up for me to pick her up.  She loves to rough and tumble play with her siblings.   She has to get baths the most, and is really cooperative.  She wraps her little paws around your wrist and just lets you bath her.  Her favorite part is being wrapped in a towel afterward and rocked.  She makes sweet noises.   Taraji is not at all aggressive, and she is the puppy, when the great Puppy Run occurs as Clara approaches, that I will help get to Clara.  She just doesn't push her brothers and sisters out of the way, so I'll help her find a free teat (there are plenty).   When she is out on her own, she is, at first, a little nervous and likes to stick around me, but after a few moments, will explore and will even play.   This little girl is a love.
  • 17-145 Anjali (Matched) -  Female brindle with dark on face, completely covering. Her name is from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘divine offering’. More from her foster mom: "Little did I know that her name was perfect. She is an absolute angel. I think that she is the mellowest of the puppies. She also has this beautiful brindle fur on a round Golden Retriever face, with the most angelic eyes." NEW: Anjali is the brindle with the darker face and her brindle appears more gray. Anjali is really mellow and when the puppies are e.g. put in the whelping box while I am cleaning the expen, she will whine for awhile, but is the first to settle and go to sleep.  Like her siblings, she is a solid, neutral, middle of the road puppy.   She loves to be cuddled and will easily fall asleep.  Anjali is the puppy who will whine a little when we start socialization, but when a sibling is near, will stop.   When you pull her out of the expen by herself, she is more cautious than her brothers and sisters and it takes several minutes, as opposed to a few minutes, for her to explore her surroundings. rather, she'll hang around by a trusted human and just look around and will sniff in a perimeter around you.  Then, her perimeter widens.  I would say that Anjali is naturally a more cautious puppy (just like some people are), but as I am exposing them to different things, she adapts happily and easily.  She is the one who gave me kisses first - in fact, the first time I picked her up.  Once Anjali gets her bearings in new surroundings, she is a happy, solid and curious puppy.  Anjali loves to chew toes, but she and Cady are always the first to crawl on my lap when I sit in the expen.  I predict that she will be a normal, active, happy puppy and will mature into a more mellow, velcro dog.


Clara has settled nicely into her foster home and has poured her heart into being a devoted mom. She is totally housebroken but does not use a crate. The first time her foster tried crating, she was terrified - tucked her tail and ran the other direction and hid down a hallway. This was Clara's first night in her foster home and the crate was offered to see if it would help her feel safe.  Only after the crate was put away in the garage, did she come out from the hallway. When Clara is left alone, she is baby-gaited in the master bedroom and does just fine. She is awesome inside the house in general. She hasn't snatched anything that doesn't belong to her. She's calm in the house and for some reason won't come into the kitchen, so her foster mom must bring her treats to her.

Clara is very sweet with children, wagging her tail and absorbing all the loving and petting. There are 3 other dogs in Clara's foster home and they all get along fine out in the yard. She does stalk and protect the fence line if there are dogs on the other side of the fence. This may pass as it may be caused by her mama hormones urging her to protect her family. Clara likes to play catch and will let you have the ball back.

Clara does well riding in the car and jumps quickly into the back by herself. Foster mom laughs and says she will definitely need some leash training since she is a zig-zagger and a puller. But Clara is very smart and will listen. Her foster home has a pool and since it is cold right now, Clara has not tried to get in, but she does stare at it meaningfully!

As far as her energy and activity level goes, Clare is pretty timid. She probably wasn't socialized much in her previous situation. Everything seems new to Clara and worries her at first. But after speaking softly to her and letting her sniff the "foreign object", she'll warm up. She adores being petted and loved on and lays on her foster mom's feet to get attention.

Foster parents are asked to list "Brags" about the dog in their care. Here is what Clara's foster mom has to say:

"So proud of her - not just as a mama, but as a Golden.  Clara reaffirms why Goldens are my favorite breed.  I really am in love with her.  So happy she is playing with toys.  Cracks me up, this one.  With the puppies, she could care less if I hold them.  Well, she only cares because if I'm holding them, it means that I am not occupied with HER.  Yesterday, I had just changed out the towels so I sat down in the puppy pen.  The fabulous 5 were crawling all over me, licking me and just so danged cute.  Clara came in, licked a few bums, and then plopped herself down on my lap, displacing her children.  Then, she rolled over for me to pet her.   Since her teats were full, I had the puppies feed, and she sprawled across me, her head on my lap, pawing at me if I dared to stop petting and kissing her.  Also, when she wants your attention, she will put her head like 2mm from your face, like HELLLLLOOOOO?  DID YOU FORGET I WAS HERE????"

Ideal Home: If her forever family wishes to try crating with Clara, remember it will take her some time to get used to it and it will take a lot of patience and positivity. Cats may not be a good idea, as Clara has shown that she may lunge at or try to chase any cats she has been exposed to. She is fine at home alone and will just sleep, but we would suggest another nice dog to keep her company.  She would be fine with children, but the kids should be taught to be gentle, to not make sudden movements, etc. that might make her nervous at first. We suggest older children - but not because she would bite younger ones.  The home needs to be special - they need to love her not just because she's beautiful outside, but because they see how beautiful and sensitive she is inside.  A patient, kindly home that would love to snuggle and would love to hear her grumbly noises she makes when she is happy - which is almost all the time you are with her.  So sweet.


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