Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 17-139

Type of Surrender: Laredo Shelter

Status: Available Soon

Weight: 60-62

Age: 2-3

Clara is a sweet little girl who came in with a litter of puppies, 4 of which have already found new homes.

Clara is totally housebroken but does not use a crate. The first time her foster tried crating, she was terrified - tucked her tail and ran the other direction and hid down a hallway. This was Clara's first night in her foster home and the crate was offered to see if it would help her feel safe.  Only after the crate was put away in the garage, did she come out from the hallway. When Clara is left alone, she is baby-gaited in the master bedroom and does just fine. She is awesome inside the house in general. She hasn't snatched anything that doesn't belong to her. She's calm in the house and for some reason won't come into the kitchen, so her foster mom must bring her treats to her.

Clara is very sweet with children, wagging her tail and absorbing all the loving and petting. There are 3 other dogs in Clara's foster home and they all get along fine out in the yard. She does stalk and protect the fence line if there are dogs on the other side of the fence. This may pass as it may be caused by her mama hormones urging her to protect her family. Clara likes to play catch and will let you have the ball back.

Clara does well riding in the car and jumps quickly into the back by herself. Foster mom laughs and says she will definitely need some leash training since she is a zig-zagger and a puller. But Clara is very smart and will listen. Her foster home has a pool and since it is cold right now, Clara has not tried to get in, but she does stare at it meaningfully!

As far as her energy and activity level goes, Clare is pretty timid. She probably wasn't socialized much in her previous situation. Everything seems new to Clara and worries her at first. But after speaking softly to her and letting her sniff the "foreign object", she'll warm up. She adores being petted and loved on and lays on her foster mom's feet to get attention.

Ideal Home: Clara likely needs a family with someone home much of the day. She’ll benefit from work with trainers to help build trust and confidence and a family who will follow-through on confidence building.  Clara needs a no-dog home or one with a calm, secure older dog.


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