What are rescue dogs like?

No two dogs even of the same breed are ever alike. All of our rescue dogs are friendly, wonderful dogs who desperately need love, attention and a second chance at life. Many are housebroken and some have obedience training. Most rescue dogs are between 1-10 years old. Occasionally we do have puppies. We do not place known biters or growlers. Any dog will bite if provoked enough but any dog we know to be aggressive is not placed through our program.

Where do you get your dogs?

Many rescue dogs come from owners who no longer want to care for them. Usually, these people bought a cute fluffy puppy without realizing the cute puppy would soon become a large, hairy, adult dog who would needs lots of time, training, love and attention. This is often when they decide to get rid of it because "they don’t have time for it." Occasionally owners have to place their Goldens because of allergies or because they are moving somewhere the dog will not be welcome. The rest of our dogs come in as strays from shelters. Occasionally we are able to shut down a "puppy mill’ or backyard breeding operation. One such special rescue was the "Tie a Gold Ribbon" rescue in 1998 which closed a large puppy mill and resulted in the rescue of nearly 100 dogs!

Are older dogs trainable?

A common misconception about older dogs is that they are "untrainable"; Goldens, however, are so eager to please that they are very trainable at any age and may actually learn quicker when they are older, more mature and less "puppy-like". See also "Golden Gems"

How do I adopt a rescue dog?

The first step is to go to our adoption page and read through our adoption policies. Then, complete the application and submit it to us on-line. There is a $25 non-refundable application fee. Our adoption fee are $550 for dogs puppy – 7 years, $350 for dogs 8 – 10 years and $250 for dogs 11 years and older.  After we receive your application, one of our volunteers will call you ASAP to begin the interview process. Prospective owners are carefully screened before they are allowed to adopt a dog. GRR has a three step interview process which consists of an application, phone interview and a home visit.

We want to make sure that a Golden is right for you - it’s not for everyone! GRR's fence policy is as follows: GRR requires that you have a private fenced yard (with a large enough grassy area for a medium-large size dog to run around and play fetch) with a minimum 4' fence attached to your home. (Dog parks do not qualify). Dogs need sufficient room to exercise and play. (Rare exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis and only for senior/golden oldie dogs deemed appropriate for the situation). GRR does not accept an invisible fence as an appropriate fence. Additional kinds of fencing may not be acceptable or deemed safe for the dog. (See "Why Do I Need A Fence?") You must be aware of the necessity, and administer, Heartworm Preventative (Canine Heartworm Disease). We encourage you to read about the golden breed prior to making a decision to adopt a golden.

Adoptions are followed up by calls and visits by GRR volunteers to provide any assistance or advice needed to assist the adoptive family and rescue dog in adjusting to each other. We work very hard to ensure every GRR dog tale will have a happy ending.

How much does it cost to adopt a rescue dog from Gold Ribbon?

There is a $25.00 application fee. Adoption fees for applicants starting February 15, 2023 are: Puppy – 7 years ($550), 8 – 10 years ($350) and 11 years and older ($250). Learn more about our adoption fee and the medical care provided for our dogs here.

All dogs are given all necessary shots and started on Heartworm Preventative. All adult dogs are spayed/neutered prior to adoption. The adoption fee covers most of these costs.

What is GRR membership and how do I join?

We welcome your interest! See if you wish to become a member and receive our newsletter (with information, meeting dates and more), we offer four levels of membership. Every dollar collected from our membership fees pays for the medical costs to rescue every dog we can! Of course, donations are gratefully accepted and tax deductible!

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