Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 16-123

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn-in

Status: Available

Age: 8

Weight: 72

Personality: Violet has progressed amazing well considering that she is coming to a new home after 8 years. When she arrived at the foster's home, everything new was a bit frightening to her, like the mere act of walking into the new house. Eating out of that strange raised bowl was intimidating at first, as well as taking a treat from a  humans hands. But then it apparently dawned on her, "I HAVE to eat, they seem like nice people, and this fancy bowl is actually kinda cool." So all is well now. One thing it didn't take Violet long to learn to enjoy though, is snoozing on the couch!

Violet doesn't use a crate and is free to roam the house and sleep on the couch at night. She's a bit shy with children at first, but warms up quickly and she does just fine with cats. Riding in the car is a breeze, but she needs a little work with that pesky leash. Her foster family refer to  her as a golden deceiver because she will go after a thrown ball or toy but bringing it back is a different story! Violet doesn't let thunderstorms or even fireworks bother her, which is a very good thing! She hasn't had an opportunity to try swimming since she has been with her foster family.

Ideal Home: Violet is a bit shy and she is very, very sweet. She would do best in a rather laid back home with parents who will work with her on leash manners. She has heartworm, so her family needs to help her through her treatment.

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