Positive for heartworms?: 

GRR Number: 16-078

Type of Surrender: Owner surrender

Status: Available Now

Age: 5

Weight: 55 lbs

Personality: Jake is healthy, has an engaging smile, a beautiful wavy red coat and a strong, stocky build. Jake’s lovely on the inside too: he is eager to please, people-focused, easily motivated and very sensitive to voice and touch.

Like most happy Goldens, Jake takes treats gently, loves car rides, is reliably house trained and calm in the house….he’s a Velcro Golden.  Jake is trainable, catches on quickly to commands, walks well on leash, sleeps through the night and is fine during thunderstorms. 

Handsome, sweet Jake has so much potential! He will be a joy to love --- and in return, he’ll love you back ten-fold. 

Ideal Home:  The ideal adoptive home is a person or small family that is low key and home much of the time.  Other calm dogs, or no dogs, are fine.  Jake is a velcro dog that wants to be your whole world.  His adopting family needs to take him places to expose him to new things and be patient and loving.  He is very human motivated, sweet, submissive and loves belly rubs.



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