Zeppo Destructo

Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

Things we will remember about Zeppo:

  • Open hearted, peaceable, silly, Rowdy Boy.
  • Long, tall Texan.
  • Good at squeaky, high pitched talking.
  • Crazy about swimming at the Quarries.
  • Intimidated by positive obedience classes.
  • Zeppo's and Bijou's nightly ritual of wild bed-top wrestling.
  • Hogging the bed & pretending to be sound asleep when it was time to get down.
  • Hanging over the babygate, telling visitors, "I'm so happy that you are here!"
  • Cuddly, 78-pound lap dog.
  • Kindly foster brother to 100+ Goldens.
  • A follower and not a leader.
  • Zeppo idolized his older sister, Caroline #05-061.
  • Admittedly destructive, but Zeppo preferred we not elaborate. *Abundant love.

Zeppo brought us unending happiness & fun.   We can't believe he is gone. Until we meet again Zeppo -- we miss you so much.

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