Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 23-111

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age: 13 months

It’s the perfect time of year to introduce GRR’s Winter Wednesday!  This young lady is reliably house-trained and completely crate trained. She enters her crate when asked and is calm once inside.  So far, Winter has been left for short periods of time in her current foster home, and during those times she has been baby gated into a specific area.  Winter is still very much a puppy (by Golden standards), and does jump up on people, but that is a work in progress and she is showing improvement when human(s) turn away or ignore the jumping behaviors, or at times, she can be redirected to “sit”.  Currently, Winter is being fed separately from the other dog in her foster home and doesn’t seem protective over her food; she is also a gentle treat-taker.

In new situations, Winter might show some initial anxious reactivity, but after some time and reassurance, she is getting along well with the other dog in her foster home.  She loves to PLAY and will rough-house with endless energy.Suggest   Winter is learning how to share her toys but for now, mom lets Winter play with toys separately. While the foster hasn't observed Winter around children, she was surrendered by a familly with four young children. Winter does well in the car, she rides along calmly.

When on the leash, Winter will do some pulling, but nothing out of the ordinary. With a harness and some training treats she is making improvements with loose leash training.  Winter loves to retrieve - she will bring the toy back, show it off and loves to retrieve again!  Winter has not had the chance for a swim in a pool (yet), but she is a huge fan of the shower and will climb right in to drink the “rain”!  She sleeps through the night, and for now, she is babygated in a confined space to sleep. 

As Winter is still young and learning, she does have some vices that will definitely be improved upon with time. So far, she has done some counter-surfing, is NOT a fan of the vacuum cleaner or mops (barking will ensue). She will also bark at vehicles driving by or when the neighbor’s dog is in their backyard.  However, Winter does love toys of all shapes and textures, playing ball, spending time with other dogs (once she’s comfortable), going on walks, learning more commands, and of course, she adores a good cuddle!

Overall, Winter is high energy, sweet, fun-loving, smart, and friendly, just a bit cautious at first. Once she is comfortable with her human(s) and her environment, she is ALL in.  She is very affectionate, cuddly, loves her people, loves to give kisses, and loves to lounge on the couch and get belly rubs.  Her bubbly personality is really starting to shine and she loves to run zoomies around the yard!

Ideal Home: For Winter, an ideal home would be one with human(s) who are understanding of her slight insecurities at first, and who will help her to grow her confidence and reassure her with patience when she is unsure or afraid.  She will need some monitoring as she adjusts to a new place, people, and dogs (or cats), so someone who is able to be home often, works from home, and/or can spend a lot of time with her would be ideal.  She has so much love to share, and is a ball of energy and fun!  A family who has knowledge and experience with Goldens might be best for Winter, as she is one peppy gal. A home with a male dog sibling or being an only dog might be best for Winter.  Could your family be Winter’s perfect match?

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