Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 22-082

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age: 8-10

Weight: 70

Sponsored: Tripper is Co-Sponsored by Yolanda (Jolie) and Bill Lay and Joyce McGath

Tripper is a Permanent Foster because of a malignant melanoma which can be aggressive.

Tripper was an emergency intake to GRR because his elderly owner passed away suddenly leaving Tripper with no place to go.  GRR sprang into action, picked him up and delivered this handsome gentleman to the vet for an exam, vaccinations, neuter, and removal of a growth.   His elderly owner did not drive so Tripper had not been to the vet for quite some time.  Unfortunately, the growth is a malignant melanoma. Good news is the surgeon got wide margins when removing the growth so it was a complete extrusion.   This kind of tumor often means months to live but since it was so small, we are optimistic that Tripper will survive much longer. 

Tripper is enjoying life with his Permanent Foster mom getting lots of short walks, cuddles and playing with his toys.  He is a naturally sweet boy and has an outgoing, friendly personality.  For his age, Tripper is fairly high energy.  Tripper enjoys everyday to it’s fullest and his life is sweet.


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