Sumter Brooks

We have been dreading this day for so long, but knew it was inevitable. Sumter (12-157) crossed the rainbow bridge on Saturday after 12 years. Sumter passed away on December 23rd from compilations due to a brain lesion. We rescued him when he was a year and a half and he immediately brought happiness into our lives.

He always greeted us with smiles, tail wags, nose bumps and was generally one of the happiest dogs I have ever known. He made our lives better in every way. He was our first dog in our family and he will always be first in our hearts. Sumter traveled with us around the world, he especially loved Scotland. He got one of the best lives a dog could ever receive. We loved him and love him still.

I thank God for putting Sumter into our lives, he truly made our lives better. Thank you, Sumter for loving us and taking care of our family. We love you.

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