Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 22-028

Type of Surrender: Bryan AC

Status: Available

Age: 1.5 - 2

Weight: 58

Personality: This handsome red boy came to GRR via the Bryan animal shelter. They were quick to see how super sweet he is and how much he loves people. He’s now settling into his new foster home.

Stevie is very much still a puppy, but he seems to be well house broken. That puppiness causes him to scour the house for things to carry around and chew…typical yummy items like shoes and remote controls. Because of this, he is crated when left alone. He is very curious about the cat. Stevie is not mean to her but doesn’t quite understand the kitty language that means “back off.”

Stevie is great with kids, cuddling up with an 8-year-old that came to visit. He doesn’t jump on visitors. Quite the opposite, he melts into the ground when he meets people.

Stevie plays great with other dogs and is enjoying having a strong, independent playful dog in the house. They have become great friends, wrestling together, napping together, and chasing each other around the house.

In the car, he lays right down, putting his head in his foster mom’s lap. He’s very calm. His leash behavior needs some work, with the typical pulling and zigzagging all over the place. Stevie absolutely loves water, spending all day if he could in his own little dog pool.

He sleeps straight through in his crate at night but is like an alarm clock between 6am and 7am. Time to go potty!

He doesn’t retrieve balls and toys, but he loves to chew on them and uses them to initiate the other dog in play. He does let go easily when his foster folks take it from him.

As far is his energy goes, Stevie is outgoing and loving. He wakes up wanting to be loved, held, and petted until he goes to bed. His energy level is medium but gets bursts of crazy energy followed by a nice long nap. He has taken easily to training and is learning very quickly.

He loves helping clean or redecorate the house. He finds all kinds of things and brings them to foster mom while she’s cleaning. Like a toddler, if you can't hear him, he's probably doing something a little sneaky. But all in all, it's kind of funny the things he finds and brings to me.

Stevie was likely born with a congenital eye issue. Although his vision is impaired with extra tissue covering part of his cornea it does not slow him down at all. Stevie sees well enough to get around, play and cuddle and is expected to live a full and happy life. Stevie has has another appointment with an eye specialist to see how he is doing with his eye drops. Stevie will likely need eye drops for the rest of his life due to his condition.

Ideal Home: The ideal home for Stevie would have an active, well-balanced companion dog that would enjoy playing with him. Stevie does ok playing on his own, but he needs a companion dog to play with. Children aren't a deal breaker for him, he loves anyone that's willing to pet him. Ideally his forever home would have a backyard for him to run around in and a kiddie pool for him to get in.

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