Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 20-097

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available in March

Age: 6

Personality: We are pleased to introduce you to a fantastic 6-year-old named Sophie "Good Girl". Although her name is Sophie, her fosters call her Good Girl so often that she thinks that is her name. Sophie's ears resemble the flying nun and if you look closely it looks like she is wearing mascara and eyeliner. She is gorgeous both inside and out.

Sophie was beloved by her male owner. When he died his wife banished Sophie outside tied to a tree in the front yard and then in a junk backyard and her care was was very lacking. Sophie's neighbor stepped up to shelter and feed her and helped facilitate her rescue after three miserable years living outside.

Sophie is a petite girl. While not a pure golden, she is housebroken and her foster is still waiting for Sophie to demonstrate a bad habit. She sleeps through the night and even sleeps in on weekends. She jumps on the couch and bed only after being given permission and loves to snuggle. She is great in the car and on a leash. She gets so excited when someone new comes over. Although, she never jumps up because she has great manners and she is so eager to meet others.

Ideal Home: Sophie is great with cats and her foster thinks she would love to have some kids around. She loves attention, so her new family needs to be around as much as possible to receive the love and attention that she missed for so long.

 Sophie is heartworm positive and starts her first heartworm injection on January 4th and will be available for adoption in early March. 



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