Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 21-17T

Type of Surrender: Turkey Dog

Status: Available Soon

Age: 2

Weight: 35 lbs

Welcome to America and Texas, Sloane! Sloane has a lot of new things to get used to here, but so far so good. Just one accident in the house and she spends most of her time in foster mom’s bedroom/office with her. She’s not crazy about the crate, which is obviously a new thing for her (well, except for her flight from Turkey)! She will let foster mom give her a shove in and once inside, she settles down well. If she’s left alone, it’s in the crate.

She gently jumps to greet people, just standing on her back legs to say hello. Sloane is extremely gentle when taking a treat and will often walk away to eat it. She hasn’t been around children or other dogs yet, but she will chase the household cats. Until she learns not to do that, her leash goes on when the cats are around. She’s good in the calm, often laying down to nap during the ride. The leash is another story. For a little girl she can pull pretty hard. Her foster folks are trying to break her of the habit and so far, it seems to be working. She chases a thrown ball and will bring it back more often than not and she let foster mom take the ball from her.

Sloane is still settling into her foster home, so she hasn’t really started to play with toys. No “dumpster diving” in the trash, but she will stand up to check out what goodies are on the counter. But when she is “working” with mom in the office she settles down nicely and loves petting and attention. She likes to be by her people and has learned to take over the recliner. Smart girl!

Sloane sleeps through the night, no problem and as mentioned she loves petting and attention. She’s okay with being brushed and does let mom touch her feet but doesn’t like having and mannie/peddie. She will nibble gently on mom’s hand to let her know. But Sloane loves to run and play with a big, loping run and is more motivated by attention than food. It seems like she already knows some tricks and her foster folks just have to figure out the corresponding command in English!

Long story short, she is a wonderful dog!

Ideal Home: She needs a family with cats who would love to play with her and love on her all the time! Since she loves to run so much and companion like another dog would do her a world of good.


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