Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 22-050

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Medical Hold

Age: 7.5

Weight: 52.9

Personality: Sharkie came to GRR with a skin condition that was not good. But he is improving very quickly and is slowly turning back into the beautiful dog he used to be just like in the last picture on this page.

Sharkie is reliably house trained and this happened very quickly. His foster mom can almost hear him saying, “Okay, I got it now.” Now that he is so trustworthy, he is left alone in the house with his foster brother Bear.

Speaking of Bear, he and Sharkie get along famously and love to wrestle. He likes to tease Bear with a toy, but no trouble has ensued. One of the dogs will just walk away.

Sharkie’s foster family has “Chloe – the dog-hating cat”. They had an accidental meeting, and the fur flew! If Sharkie were to meet a cat that liked dogs, the story would likely have played out differently.

Sharkie has been in the car a few times, and while he would prefer to ride shotgun, he’s happy enough to settle in the backseat. He’s been on a few short walks, and he does very well, with little pulling. He sticks pretty close to foster mom’s side and checks with her to see what he’s supposed to do next.

He has proven to be quite the retriever. He loves fetch and will initiate to game himself by bringing mom a toy. He almost always brings the thrown toy back and responds to the “drop” command.

Sharkie loves to be mommy’s little helper in the kitchen, not begging but has learned the expertise of being in the way. Given the chance, he’ll shred tissues or stick his nose in the trash. But overall, he is fairly calm in the house. Of course, he does get animated occasionally but it is more of an energetic joyful thing than rowdiness.

Sharkie isn’t bothered by thunderstorms and sleeps all the way through the night. When it’s time to be groomed, whether it be a bath or a brushing, he is very calm. He probably likes that one-on-one attention.

Sharkie is a happy and engaged dog. He prances around, gets excited about going outside, getting pets, treats, food and a ball. His greeting is very wiggly with a happy disposition. He loves being a lap dog and to snuggle. He is such a quick learner, wanting to know what all the ground rules are. Happy-go-lucky would be a good description for him. He loves to go outside but would rather someone come with him.

Ideal Home: There may be multiple ideal home options for him...a single person, a couple, with another dog who is chill like he is...just a home where he is given attention, patience, and love. We are not sure about children since he hasn't been exposed yet while in his foster home. Since he does seem to exhibit some separation anxiety, he may do well with someone who is home frequently, however, he may do well by himself once he feels secure. He will likely connect strongly with one person in a household but will interact well with all. He is just such a cheerful, happy fella that his ideal home will be with someone who loves, encourages, plays with, and appreciates him

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