Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 21-010

Type of Surrender: AAC

Status: Available end of April

Age: 2

Weight: 65

Personality: Shamrock (Shammy) came into GRR in March (thus the name). She’s an adorable, sweet, and friendly blondie. She was found stray with another dog with whom she was extremely playful and continued to want to run and play while she was still with AAC. When GRR went to pick her up they found that she didn’t seem to be a wild child, but definitely has age appropriate energy. She is also a leaner and looks like she will be a real cuddle bug.

As far as housebreaking, she is doing great and has adapted easily to the crate at her foster home. She’s gentle and does very little inappropriate jumping. She loves other dogs, sharing their toys and sleeping with them. Shammy is great in the car and doesn’t pull on the leash but loves the crisscross walk, smelling each side of the sidewalk. So far, she shows no interest in retrieving and prefers chew toys to balls.

Inside the house she does have a few young dog behavior issues, but they aren’t serious and she is improving all the time. She loves to be groomed.

Her activity level is age-appropriate and she is gaining confidence daily.  She is a Velcro dog and likes being with people.  Shammy  wants to be with her foster family and was right there with her feet over the edge of the tub watching intently while her foster mom rinsed something in the tub.

This little goof always seems to spill her water, no matter what kind of bowl she is given. This is likely younger dog behavior she will grow out of.

Ideal Home: Shammy needs a home with a playful dog and one where she gets lots of walks and activity. No cats is best. The family will need to be committed to take the time to do some training with Shammy and continue letting her build confidence.  Her forever family also needs to be home part of the time as she wouldn’t do well being left 10 hours daily.

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