On July 13 we said farewell to one of Gods gentlest creatures, Shadow. Shadow came to us three years prior at the Golden age of 12 years old. One might expect that a fellow that far along in years might be content to sit back from a comfortable post and watch the minutes drift by. Not Shadow! He began to age in reverse and along with two other GRR alumni (Becki and Aspen Kauppila) Shadow had the time of his life. Often he would race to be the first to grab a stuffed animal and taunt the others to come and get it! He also would try to join in the gallops in the front yard despite his weakened rear legs brought on by a degeneration of his knees. Shadow loved life because he participated in it. He was a constant reminder, as was Clifford (a previously memorialized GRR alumn), that to get up and get on with it was the best mantra. Shadow didn’t want to be treated as the elder and certainly didn’t want to be left behind. He never was. Not for a minute. And to say so long was one of the hardest things Bethann and I will ever have done.  Thank God Gold Ribbon exists to bring even the kids that are a bit further on in years to a place they can thrive. Much love to GRR and all the wonderful people and doggies. Shadow was a wonderful example of love and a reminder to us all why we devote our lives and homes to these awesome souls.

Clayton and Bethann Kauppila

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