13-056 Sam/Bubas

I will so very much, miss you Mr. Butters.  When we got the news of the two aggressive cancers after your being so brave through and after surgery I knew you would be leaving for heaven soon.  How soon was the question, so Thank you for letting me sleep on the floor with you, brush you and spoil you to the point I may have been a bit annoying.  But you loved me anyway…you are the most loving of them all!

He came to us through GRR, and Carol as our matchmaker.  I asked for a female…”Why? “ Carol asked.  “Because thats all I know” I replied.    “Males are THE MOST LOYAL AND LOVING” and she was so right.  Sam is his name.

Formerly Bubas, a surrender from a loving Military family who had lived in Spain (his name means something about drooling and boy did he!)  a small child and a baby on the way they just couldn’t give him the time and attention he so deserved.  We met Sam and on the same day he went home with us because he was very “interested” in the Foster families cats.  He jumped right in my Jeep and the rest is nine and a half years of nothing but love, adoration, chasing tennis balls, playing tug (sometimes by himself) kisses and wags. 

Once we got him home he immediately took to the pool and it was tough to get him out!  He brought along a rubber duck (not the cute little yellow bath time kind, but a mallard).  He and that duck were as thick as thieves in that pool until the poor duck was in pieces andnIt was also then I learned about hot spots!  From that day forward Sam loved to always have at least one toy with him at all times.  When anyone would come in the door he would run to his toy stash and bring a toy to those entering.  EVERY SINGLE TIME…until August the 31, 2022.   This was the day his cancer returned and his heart stopped and mine was broken. 

The moment your heart stopped my world changed forever.  I know you are in a much better place, No more pain, now clear big brown eyes and I bet all of your fur is red again.  I know that duck was there waiting for you and you are running and chasing all of heavens tennis balls, showing up in heavens kitchen anytime someone entered and staring lovingly into the souls of those who give you love.  The best Boy ever.  My Bubba, Mr. Butters, Butters, Bubas, Sweet Boy, The Goodest boy…Sam... a piece of my heart is with you.  I miss you in everything I do.  I can’t wait to see you again when it is my time to greet you in Heaven.  I love you Buddy, and I will never stop missing you.   

Mama, Chloe and Sophie love you SO much

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