We said good bye to Sake (01-103) today. He would have been 15 in October. It has been a rough couple of days and we learned this morning he had cancer in his spleen and liver. We will miss his greatly but are at peace with our very difficult decision.

We were Sake’s 6th house when we adopted him in Sept. 2001; but we were his last. He was a very bright, high energy pup who needed 2 walks a day, could hike for 10 miles and come home and chase a squirrel. He was my protective one, my hiking buddy, my sleeping companion when Scott traveled. He loved his pile of ice from Zachary every day. He was strong as an ox and unbelievably agile which made it so hard when he lost his eye sight.

Sake, I hope you are Syrah are chasing each other, playing bitey face and playing tug of war again in heaven. I miss you and your sister terribly.

Maggie Fitzgerald and Family

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