Our beloved Rocky boy crossed Rainbow Bridge. We are completely heartbroken as he was not a pet but family. He loved us unconditionally for nine years and was taken too soon.

Rocky (GRR # 11-131) came to us as a six month old foster pup from Gold Ribbon Rescue. The moment he pranced through the door, we knew it was a foster fail and he was ours to love forever.

Rocky was silly, happy, smiley, loyal, protective, and my constant shadow. He was a lover of shoes but he hated feet. No squirrels were safe in our yard. A "goose" to the human rump was his trademark acceptance of newcomers and we couldn't break him of that habit.

A huge hole is missing in our hearts and the grief continues to hit us in waves. One minute, we are remembering something that makes us laugh and the next moment the tears are uncontrollable. Each day is a little easier and we do find comfort that he is at peace.

Sweet Rocky Roo, our Rockstar, we hope where you are, the squirrels are plentiful, the Jeep rides endless, the fields beautiful and ponds sparkling. We miss you to the depth of our souls!

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