Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR number: 15-043

Type of Surrender: Palm Valley Animal Center

Status: Sponsored by Howard Curtis

“15-043 Reggie is a highly intelligent little guy -- as a "Miniature Golden," he's about 45 pounds fully grown -- who gets along well with people and with other dogs, although he doesn't have much experience with children or cats at this point. 

Reggie came up to Austin from South Texas, where he was rescued as a stray.  In fact, there are rumors that Reggie may have spent some time early on in Mexico, and then entered the US as an "anchor puppy," but Reggie is pleading the Fifth when questioned on these matters.  Reggie has moved from life as a street urchin to living in a house with his regular people smoothly and with obvious enjoyment. 

Reggie likes to nap under his foster father's desk while "Daddy" is working at his computer, and then rouse himself occasionally to do a few tricks for treats.  He is tolerant and respectful toward his foster sister Kip (a 15-year old Border Collie mix).  At night, Reggie sleeps in his dog-bed at the foot of the big people bed, where he is quite content to sleep through the night."  Howard Curtis, Sponsor of Reggie

Age: 2 years

Weight: 40 lbs (goal 46 lbs)

Personality: Take one look at Reggie and you’re guaranteed to say “Awwwwww….”  This handsome boy is a little on the smaller side, but has a great coat and a great smile.  Reggie is a young dog that has some learning to do – he’s getting better with his housetraining, and sometimes likes to try to sneak treats by counter surfing (when he thinks no one is looking).  Reggie also needs some leash training, but he’s well on his way to becoming a refined gentleman.  He already learned to sit and lie down in his first week of fostering, and is now learning to shake paws!  Reggie’s foster family has plenty of brags on this boy – Reggie rides well in the car, does well alone in the house, ignores thunderstorms, takes treats gently, and gets along with other dogs.  Reggie did seem to be scared of small confinement, based on an experience in an isolation room at the vet.  Reggie will need a patient family to help him overcome this fear. 

Ideal home: Reggie would do well in a home with other dogs, but could also be perfectly happy as the sole focus of attention!  Reggie needs owners who can help him complete his training, and also help him with his fear of confinement. This diamond in the rough is full of potential.

To learn about the adoption process and complete an application, click here.   We do not guarantee the availability of the dog that you have expressed interest in as it may be matched to another waiting family.  However, there are always new dogs available as rescue is dynamic.  We appreciate your interest in adopting a rescued golden.

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