Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

Reese is an Extraordinary Golden because her left front leg knuckled and would not support her weight.  To improve mobility and quality of life, the leg required amputation.

GRR Number: 23-023

Type of Surrender: AAC - Austin Animal Center

Status: Adopted

Weight: 59

Age: 1.5-2

Update:  Reese was adopted on July 2 and is now enjoying the life she deserved in her forever home.  She enjoys running, playing with her sibling and snuggling with her “hoomans.”


Reese is a happy girl who seems to always have a smile on her face. She has settled nicely with the resident dogs (Reese is in the center) and loves playing with them. Reese adores spending time with her people and meeting new ones. Reese has a sweet attitude and knows how to enjoy every day.

 Personality: Meet beautiful Reese! Reese was a stray at the Austin Animal Center who needed help as her front left leg was not working properly. GRR scooped this girl right up and our amazing vets at Manchaca Village Veterinary Center quickly put her on the surgery schedule to remove her injured leg. While Reese is now a 3-legged pup, she doesn’t seem to realize that as she runs like the wind!

Reese is housebroken and since she has proven herself reliable so far, she’s free to roam throughout the house.  She has not been kept in a crate recently, but does not seem to mind them as she will go into her foster family’s crate on her own for a quick nap or to rest at times. Reese LOVES all people: children, tweens, teens, adults and seniors. Her personality adjusts to the situation she’s in.  Reese plays happily with one of her foster family’s other dogs and really enjoys having a buddy. She ignored a cat when exposed to one, she enjoys riding in the car, has recently started playing more with toys, and didn’t have any issues during the recent storms.

When the weather was mild recently, her foster family left the backdoor open and several flies came inside.  Reese had a blast tracking down the flies throughout the house and chomping at the air trying to catch them- so make note, not only is she beautiful, energetic and funny, she’s also helpful with summertime fly control!

This sweet girl can be a bit jumpy and hasn’t had time for much training yet, but with her sunshiny personality and some humans who devote time to practice, Reese has amazing potential.  She does have a competitive side, she loves to be first to go outside in the yard!  Her foster family also reports that Reese will greet you with loving excitement and a wagging tail when you’ve been gone- even if it’s just a quick walk to check the mail!

Reese is a loving, playful, joyful girl who is gaining confidence and starting to trust those around her more and more; hence she’s now eager to meet humans and other dogs. Reese is getting used to being brushed, and really seems to enjoy it, although she’s a tad curious as to what that brushing is all about!  She is such a sweetheart, Reese zooms around the yard and doesn’t let having only three legs slow her down one bit!

Ideal Home: Reese would do well in most homes. It  would be great if there was another confident dog in the home to help Reese gain and grow in her own confidence too. She does great with cats and is gentle with children. Due to being a tripod, she’ll be a great walking partner but no jogging or lengthy hikes. Reese is a nice combination of playful energy and couch cuddle bug.  Could you be Reese’s forever family?


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