Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 23-025

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age: 1-1/2

Personality: Enthusiastic, curious, athletic and loving are words that best describe this handsome boy.  Ranger’s a big puppy who needs outlets for his energy as he has a very active mind.  He seems to do well having jobs to do and needs both physical and mental stimulation. 

Ranger is a happy, silly young boy who is so very handsome; however, he must have continued training and consistency in setting boundaries and everyday manners. Ranger has been left alone up to 4 hours without problems but shouldn’t be left alone all day.  He enjoys playing with larger dogs but should NOT be in a home with cats or small dogs. Ranger is great with older children and teens.

Ranger is eager to please, loves attention and is becoming a good office dog in his foster home as he lays in the hall while his foster works.  He has a few rough puppy-edges but he’s doing well in transitioning from teen to adulthood.  Ranger is a fun-loving boy who has enthusiasm and a zest for life.  His foster mom suspects he’d be good at Dock Diving and Agility as he’s smart and catches on quickly. 

Ranger has learned to enjoy brain games and sniffing games which are helping to keep his brain active while building his self-confidence. In typical young dog fashion, Ranger loves to chew and destroy toys. Good thing he has a lot of them! Ranger has not been swimming yet, but his foster family predicts he will be a huge fan of the water.  He’s very curious and will find ways to entertain himself if left to his own devices. 

Ranger is a gorgeous, young dog who is still learning all that is entailed with being an inside, family dog.   He must have an adopting family who has a consistent, firm but loving approach from his humans. He is a handsome work in progress, always has toys in his mouth, sometimes attempting to pick up several at once without much success! He likes to share sweet kisses to show his love without being overly pushy.

Overall, Ranger is a high-energy, intelligent young Golden who is a bit rough around the edges but with consistency, will grow into a well-behaved and well-mannered boy who will enjoy life, going places and spending time with you.

Ideal Home:  Handsome, sweet Ranger must have a home with a family willing to dedicate their time and consistency to his training. With a bit of effort on your part, Ranger will be totally awesome.  He cannot be in a home with cats or small dogs; however large dogs are fine. Ranger needs a family who will work with help him and help him flourish into a confident, well-mannered, yet still goofy, Golden Retriever.

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