Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 20-081

Type of Surrender: ACC

Status: Available Soon

Age: 1

Weight: 83

Personality: Pumpkin (how appropriate for this time of year) came to GRR from ACC with some scabby wounds on his head and along his back which are being treated and are healing now.

This big boy is not tubby, just a big boy. He pulled a jailbreak from his crate, so he now stays baby gated in the laundry room when left alone. He doesn’t jump on people, plays well with his foster family’s dog, and is good with the cat. He just looks at kitty and whines. He’s calm in the car and needs some work with the leash because does pull a bit. This big scamp will steal from countertop or table and likes an occasional gnaw on anything made of wood. But he is easily redirected with a resound “no!”

Pumpkin sleeps through the night on the floor of his foster folks’ bedroom. He’s good with being groomed, even with having his ears cleaned. It’s like he knows you are trying to help him. After his “treatments” are over, gives lots of hugs and kisses.

Pumpkin’s personality is very, very sweet, like a gentle giant. He has a typical golden attitude. Right now he doesn’t have a lot of energy – no running around the yard like a one-year-old. But he’s really coming out of his shell and is so sweet and loving.

Ideal Home: Pumpkin could probably use a low energy home. He isn’t the one-year-old puppy you would expect. He’s a slow-moving gentle giant.



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