Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 10-077

Type of Surrender: Return to GRR

Status:  Available

Age: 12

Weight: 79

Sponsorship: Opie is available for sponsorship.

Opie is a Permanent Foster due to a cancerous tumor in his left lung.  He is a hospice dog with a much-reduced life expectancy.  While Opie’s life expectancy is low, his foster mom will make his remaining time the best time of his life.

Personality: Opie is an older gent and has been through a lot.  He was recently returned to GRR after his owner died.  He enjoys spending time with people and laying on the couch with Scooter, his foster sibling.  He is good with children and lets them pet him. Opie, despite his age, can get in and out of the car on his own and is good on leash for short walks.

Opie has average energy but enjoys his naps. He loves his stuffies and his favorite is Froggy who makes a croak. He enjoys being outside and exploring the yard. Foster mom has seen him run across the yard, so he moves pretty well for an older guy.  Opie especially  likes his daily walks and visiting neighbors along the way. 

Always the perfect gentleman, Opie’s fur is beautiful and very soft.  Opie is enjoying life and just doing doggy things for as long as possible.  He truly is a sweet gentleman who lives each day to the fullest.


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