Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 23-098

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age: 11 months

Update 12/20

Olie continues to build confidence and make progress in her foster home.  She loves to be the center of attention, cuddle with her humans and is starting to play with her foster sibling.  No matter what, Oli is a happy dog.  Her foster mom describes Olie as sweet, loving, attention-seeking and companion-driven.    Her ideal family is energetic to keep up with this young girl, has the time to spend walking her and isn’t gone from home for long periods of Olie likes her ‘hooman” companions.  Another dog would be great but not essential and kids 10 or over are fine.  Could you be the right family for this sweet, loving, wiggly girl?


Personality: Meet GRR’s bubbly and darling, Oli!  This girl came to GRR after a leg injury, and is currently recovering well.  So far, in her foster home, Oli has been left alone for shorter periods of time (1-3 hours) and when she is left, she stays in her kennel/crate.  This is partially due to her recovery from surgery on her leg.  She does well in her kennel/crate, will sometimes get a bit squirmy, but that is due to the fact that she has much Golden puppy love to share! This silly girl doesn’t jump up on people most of the time, but might do so when she is super excited!  She takes treats gently and does not seem protective over her food.  At this time, Oli has not been exposed to cats or children.  Due to her recovery, Oli has not yet had the opportunity to interact with the other dogs in her foster home to ensure she stays on the path to fully using her injured leg.

Oli has not had the chance at this time to go for a swim, nor has she really practiced retrieving as her leg heals. Thunderstorms do not seem to bother her, and she does fairly well in the car - she will stand the entire time, so a flat surface (such as the back of an SUV) is preferred.  Oli loves to sniff and might zig-zag when on a leash at first, but then she will calm down and is reasonably good on the leash. She also sleeps well through the night. In typical Golden fashion, Oli will grab items that seem to be fun trinkets (to her), but will quickly give them up when asked by her human(s).  This girl has plenty of energy, is a bit wiggly, and LOVES to get all the pets!  Recently, she had to visit the vet for a check up and was being a total ham for the vet and the staff members.

Oli is described as: excited, sweet, bubbly, and full of energy.  She wants all the lovies from any and all people. It is predicted that once she is fully healed and recovered, that she will be a top-knotch snuggler! Oli has been showing great progress on her walks and is using her recovering leg over 50% of the time.  This silly girl rolls on her back for belly rubs after coming in from outside - she will keep you smiling, that is for sure!

Ideal Home: An ideal home for Oli would be with a family who has a great deal of time for her.  She wants to be close to her people all of the time, and despite recovering from an injury, she has a substantial amount of energy.  A family with time to spend walking, playing, and loving on Oli is key. She will benefit from a home with structure, but also TONS of cuddles and snuggles. Could your family be the perfect fit for sweet Oli?

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