Oakley crossed the rainbow bridge this afternoon (July 24th, 2015). I consider myself fortunate that he was in my life for nearly three years. He is one of those special goldens who exemplify everything that is good. He was loving, confident, a stable big brother to Revo and a wonderful Velcro dog. His love was as big as Texas. He also was able to deliver a world class stink-eye when he thought the situation warranted.

He spent every day in the office with me, going to look for me if I left for more than a minute. He sat in the kitchen when I cooked. I called him my sous chef. He was a wonderful teacher of living each day as it comes and knowing that is enough.

There were no dry eyes at his euthanasia at his oncologist’s office. He worked his charm on everyone in that office and, in truth, everyone he met. He is breathing well, not in pain and running with my other goldens who preceded him. God speed, Oakley.

Forever would not have been enough.

Susan Perry

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