I said goodbye to 18-018 Murphy and I am totally devasted as he stole my heart.  I've loved all of my Goldens but Murphy was different in a very special way.  His first five years of life weren't so good but I spent the next 6 years making them awesome.  Murphy loved to ride in the car and would sit and look out the window the whole time...I thought of it as Driving Mr. Murphy as he was so content. He acquired my shopping habits, and the Pottery Barn staff always greeted him with treats and "hello Murphy" when we walked in.  The Hamilton Greenbelt in Lakeway was his favorite and he enjoyed the Hill Country Galleria as it combined walking, shopping, treats and lots of hellos from people. Loved you to the moon and back, Murphy; but of course, you knew that.  Until we meet again.

Mike, Paula and Abby

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