Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 21-011

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age: 2-3

A good Samaritan took Momma and her four pups after Animal Control took them along with 10 other dogs from a hoarding situation in a small Central Texas town, Boerne, where she was in late December. There were 10-15 dogs on the property, varying breeds/sizes/ages. The good Sam said the dogs were skinny, flea-infested, utterly filthy and full of worms. They cared for Momma and her pups until everyone was healthy and then found homes for the puppies.  They adored Momma but the Good Sam was moving to a new house with a small yard so keeping Momma wasn’t practical.  So they contacted GRR and told us about Momma, “an amazing dog that they had rescued from a hoarding situation and asked if we could help.”

Personality: Momma/Hazel has adorable strawberries and cream coloring on her face with a big white stripe down her forehead, not to mention adorable freckles smattered across her nose. It’s obvious she’s not all golden, but she has the heart of a golden. Her new foster family reports that she is doing just great. Her introduction to the family dog, Chance, went wonderfully and they were BFFs within 15 minutes.

She has had no accidents in the house and goes right into her crate when the door is opened. She is left in the crate when left alone for short periods of time.  She likes everyone, including children and absolutely loves attention. She jumps a little, but very gently. She plays well with Chance but has had no cat exposure.

In the car, if someone is in the back she likes to be in the front with her head in foster mom’s lap. She is a trooper on the leash. So far retrieving is not in her repertoire and she hasn’t been around water yet. She also hasn’t shown much interest in toys. So far, she sleeps right through the night.

In the house she does fine. Foster mom took Hazel to her job with her and Hazel and she has become the best assistant ever. She eventually settled down where she could see both people at the same time!

Hazel tolerated baths with the help of an occasional treat during the process and let s mom pull some sticker burrs out of her paws. She is not too fond of going to the vet but with patience she does fine.

Foster mom thinks Hazel is a dream dog with average energy. She is sweet as she can be and is very outgoing and friendly. She cocks her head in the sweet way that let’s you know she is trying very hard to understand. Foster mom really wants to find the perfect home for Hazel.

Ideal Home: Hazel would thrive in any loving home. She would do well in a home with another "chill" dog and even cats and kids. She loves to spend time outdoors and is great on long (1 mile!) walks. She is gentle and sweet and wants all the attention she can get. Hazel loves people and just want to be with you.


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