Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 18-005

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In - Return to GRR

Status: Available

Age: 3½ 

Weight: 55 pounds

Abbie's Story:The rancher was at his wits’ end. The young Golden he had purchased to help guard his stock was doing the job all wrong. She terrified the chickens, pestered the goats, chased the sheep… she was having a blast, but the poor animals were on the verge of a nervous collapse! 

After one particularly chaotic morning, the owner had had enough. Abbie simply had to go. Upon learning that the local shelter was full to bursting and wouldn’t have an opening for at least two weeks, he snapped. “If she isn’t out of here by tonight, I’ll shoot her,” he threatened. “Please don’t do that! Give us a little time. We’ll work something out,” promised the alarmed shelter director—and picked up the phone to call GRR.  

Upon hearing the story, GRR was ready to mobilize; but could we see a photo? “I don’t have one, but he is sure she’s a Golden.” Fingers crossed, our volunteer headed out, arriving in the small Texas town 4 hours later, just as the winter night was closing in. Waiting at the rancher’s home was a small, smooth, toast-colored dog with slender legs, soft gold ears, soulful brown eyes, and a fetching white spot right on the top of her clever head. Adorable? Yes. Golden? Not even close. But under the circumstances, what could we do? That’s right: give her a GRR number and bring her in.

That was in January 2018. Over the next few months, Abbie switched foster homes a few times: one family had a lot of travel planned & the next found her too high-energy, but the third was just right, with another young dog to help her burn off some of that pep. But in every home, the words coming up in the foster reports were the same: sweet, adaptable, matches her energy to yours. And, as spring moved into summer, she finally found her forever home as an only dog with Mr and Mrs M, an older couple who took her along everywhere and loved having a nice dog curled up on the sofa every night. The little family could not have been happier!

Then, this November  2020, Mr M passed away. Mrs M, in fragile health, was unable to care for Abbie on her own; so the dog she and her husband loved so very much returned to GRR. 

Now Abbie is settled in with three other dogs, and the reports are just as glowing as they were 3 years ago. “She loves lounging and lets us dress her in a spiffy winter coat. She’s a real people pleaser and responds well to commands; and she matches her energy to yours. She could be a couch potato or a running buddy, just depends on what YOU are doing. Her favorite things: sitting on the sofa with us, going for a walk, and being a Sweetie Pie.”

Ideal Home: Miss Abbie now needs another forever home to cherish her as much as the M family did, someone who values a devoted companion with a heart of pure gold above an actual Golden look. She would do well with other nice dogs or as an only pup; to be on the safe side, no cats or other small pets like rabbits or guinea pigs, though her prey drive does seem to have abated over the years. If you are interested in making this true sweetheart part of your family, please let your matchmaker know or email adopt4@grr-tx.com


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