My heart is broken as I report my beloved Millie passed away on Christmas Day 2019. She was my ray of sunshine, and I’m trying to exist with out that beautiful girl. GRR would know her as Flossie 10-082 AVID tag 046 002 589. She came to me as a 4 year old foster, who had been surrendered for biting another dog. She was neurotic, a horrible car rider and chewed on her leg. Although she didn’t get along with other dogs, she loved every human she met. She won my heart, and we became officially family on 6/28/10. She became the best travel companion. She would ride on the console (yes she had a seat belt on) and rest her head on my shoulder so I could give her kisses on that cute snout of hers. Such a cuddle buddy, she would lay in my lap and would demand pets for hours. I have never known a sweeter soul. She had over a 100 volunteers at convinced their true reason for volunteering was to pet and dote on her. Since 2010, she was the mascot for this organization. Her health began declining, and I retired so I could be home with her a lot more. I know she had a rich, loving life and I know sheenriched my life. I’m just so sad she isn’t on the bed when I wake up, greeting me at the door, carpet
surfing on carpet and riding in the car.

I wanted to thank you for giving me this beautiful girl.
Debra Buffington

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