Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 21-024

Type of Surrender: Childress Animal Shelter

Status: Permanent Foster

Age: 4

Weight: approx. 42 pounds

Sponsorship:  Memphis is available for sponsorship.

21-024 Memphis is a Permanent Foster because he is extremely shy, timid and terrified of anything new or different. 

Memphis was a stray from the Childress Animal Shelter.  In May of 2021, the shelter contacted GRR and said they had a Golden mix that was “stressed, scared, shaking and had a fever and sore leg.  Can we help or we’ll likely euthanize him.”   Of course, we would help this 10 month puppy as he was 100% cute and needed someone to help him. 

Memphis was completely shut-down when he arrived from the shelter. The best way to describe Memphis was terrified of everything and everyone.  It has been in GRR care for three years and is still uncomfortable with people other than his foster dad and even then, is nervous if his foster dad stands by him ---- he’s happy when his foster dad sits or lays next him and now accepts cuddles but it has been a very slow process.

Memphis is comfortable in his foster’s home --- his entire world is the foster’s house and backyard with occasional, high-stress trips to the vet.  Walks, car rides and new people are stressful.  Over the past three years, Memphis has made progress as he now is active, happy, playful and wags his tail in the house.  He will curl up in bed with his foster dad and enjoys his two foster siblings.  Foster Cam says that 99% of Memphis’ progress is because of his two dogs as Memphis follows them, plays with them and needs their comfort.  The foster walks his two dogs one at a time so that there is always another dog in the house with Memphis. 

We have no idea what happened to Memphis when he was a young puppy.  Memphis will never be a typical dog that enjoys meeting people and going places; but he has made much progress living in his foster home which is a calm, stress-free environment with two friendly dogs.  Memphis is best served living his life with his foster dad and doggy siblings as change would be too much for this sweet boy.




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