Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 23-024

Type of Surrender: Turn In by Good Samaratin

Status: Available

Personality: Lovely Lyric is doing well in her foster home with no potty accidents since she has been there. She doesn’t use a crate but is baby gated in her own foster suite when left alone. She hasn’t been around children and the foster family’s cat hates dogs, so he avoids Lyric. There is also another Golden in the home and they have been given interaction in small doses and so far, so good.

Lyric seems to like the car just fine, remaining calm and settling in for the ride. She is still exploring the house and getting to know her way around, so there has been no ball/retrieving going on. Lyric is curious about the family pool but has not taken the plunge yet.

Inside the house Lyric is very chill with a few bursts of excitement occasionally. She’s sweet and easy going and just likes to go with the flow. She’s fine with going into her foster suite when needed. She doesn’t seem to be a beggar but is definitely curious about what you are eating and will also “dumpster dive” the trash can if given the opportunity. She is easily turned away, however.

Lyric is a good sleeper, making it through the night with no fuss or noise. Although she has a nice, comfy bed she prefers the human bed with the view of outside.

Lyric is a sweetheart – happy, outgoing, engaged, and overall calm with sudden bursts of energy and lots of body wiggles.

Ideal Home: It may take a little bit longer to determine what the perfect home for her would be, but undoubtedly a family who love and give her attention. She’d be fine with another dog to play with.

Age: 14 months


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