Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 23-089

Type of Surrender: Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter

Status: Available

Age: 3

Personality: Meet GRR’s sweet lady, London!  This gal is a total love bug. So far, London has not had any accidents in her foster home, she doesn’t really signal when she needs to go outside, but her foster family takes her out as needed.  It is reported that London isn’t a big fan of a crate; however, her foster family has not tried using one quite yet, and has left her free to roam, but in a small, contained space (such as a home office).

London is not one to jump up on people, and she is sweet and gentle when taking treats!  At this time, London has not been observed around children or cats, nor has she had a ride in the car or been exposed to water.  One thing London LOVES to do is PLAY with her foster family’s other dog!  The two of them apparently enjoy a good rough-housing or wrestling session often.

When walking alone on a leash, London does well with no pulling; however, she has a bit of a competitive, playful nature and when walking alongside his foster family’s dog, they two of them compete to see who can be first!  When it comes to eating, London seems to be more of a grazer or snacker, rather than one who gobbles up her food all at once.  When her foster family is having dinner, London will rest her head on one of the human’s legs to show her interest but isn’t outwardly begging (wink wink). During the recent thunderstorms, London did pant some at first, but then settled once she was able to be close to her human companions. She sleeps through the night, and currently she is sleeping in bed with her humans, which she loves!  In fact, she gets so comfortable that she might even push her humans almost out of the bed!

London is a HUGE cuddler!  She will lean on her humans or want to put her head on your lap. She is allowed on the couch in her foster home, but so far, prefers to lay on the floor during the day.  London has not barked at her foster home yet. She isn’t a huge fan of toys right now (hopefully that will change with time); she prefers pets and being right beside her people. She has learned to sit with her foster family as well.  This sweet girl is a perfect combination of both cuddly and lovey while also having energy and an outgoing spirit.  London can “read the room” well and observes body language; she pays attention and is careful and cautious with who or what she approaches initially.

Ideal Home: London is very loyal, energetic, and intelligent.  She enjoys sleeping and relaxing during the day, but also loves to go for walks or to play. An ideal home for London would be with someone who can be home with her often and has a lot of time to devote to her. It also seems that she would love to have a fellow canine in the home to play with, if possible.  Could London be the Golden Girl for your family?

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