Liberty (Libby)

Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

Our beloved Libby crossed over the rainbow bridge last month.  We were so fortunate to have her for fourteen years.  We were fosters for GRR, and we got a call to foster a puppy.  My son Braden and I went to Town Lake Animal Center where they were keeping a litter of Goldens (sponsored by GRR) that was discovered behind a house under construction.  It was around the fourth of July, and the puppies were named Liberty, Justice, Independence and Lincoln.  Libby ran toward Braden and me. The rest is history.

She was a beautiful dog with a gentle and sweet personality.  She loved treats, any food, her daily walks with my husband, and toward the end of her life looked a little like a polar bear when she was groomed.  She grew up with my sons and greeted them with excitement when they returned home for college breaks. She abided our cats and was a companion to our other dog, Kira, who died at the age of 15 last May.

It was heartbreaking to say goodbye.  I still expect her to be here when I get home from school.  However, we feel incredibly lucky that she lived as long and as elegantly as she did for fourteen years. 

Lorene Wallace & Tim Pellowski

Aaron & Braden


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