Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

GRR Number: 22-026

Type of Surrender: Owner Turn In

Status: Available

Age: 1

Personality: Young Leo loves people and other dogs. He grew up in a house with three other dogs, so obviously he gets along well with his fellow canines. He is perfectly housebroken and very curious about his new foster home. He doesn’t really like being in the crate, so he is normally baby gaited when left alone. Generally, he gets to enjoy freedom on the entire first floor of the house so he can spend quality time with his foster mom, whom he follows around like a shadow.

Because his such a people lover, he does tend to jump up on just about everyone, but his foster mom is working on redirecting him from that behavior. He also wants to play with every dog he meets. He has a lot of puppy energy and always wants to play.

Leo is a bit anxious in the car, constantly moving around. But he hasn’t had much car experience yet, so this may improve as he gets used to the adventure of a car ride. When Leo is on the leash, he turns into a tracking dog, with his nose to the ground following a scent. Though he loves walks, he still doesn’t always “come” after he stops to inspect something interesting. With a little encouragement, we’re sure he will be a super walking buddy. Leo is obsessed with balls and enjoys chewing on any toy you give him. But balls are his definite favorite. He will retrieve them AND bring them back to you!

He is especially rambunctious after getting up in the morning, read to play, play, and play. He is basically an angel and loves cuddling almost as much as playing.

Ideal Home: Leo loves people so much that he will undoubtedly fall in love with his forever family immediately. His ideal home would be one with plenty of room for him to roam and stretch out across the kitchen floor. His family needs to enjoy engaging with him and exercising him regularly.

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