The Laredo Eight Puppies

Positive for heartworms?: 
Extraordinary Golden Fund recipient?: 

Puppies in bold are still available.

Dakota - GRR Number: 20-060 (Momma)

Aspen - GRR Number: 20-061 (female, purple collar)

Vail - GRR Number: 20-062 (female, green collar)

Rye - GRR Number: 20-063 (girl, yellow collar)

Boulder - GRR Number: 20-064 (boy, orange collar)

Durango - GRR Number: 20-065 (girl, light blue collar)

Breck - GRR Number: 20-066 (boy, red collar)

Denver - GRR Number: 20-067 (boy, white collar)

Boone - GRR Number: 20-068 (boy, silver collar)

Status: Denver and Durango are available in Late October.

Ages: 5 weeks

Dakota was abandoned in Laredo along with a pile of 8 black 4-5 week old puppies. GRR good Samaritans made the long roundtrip to Laredo and back and now they are in good hands here in Austin. Upon pick up in Laredo, poor mama looked exhausted with a Mt Everest size heap of puppies on top of her! On the trip back Mama with her puppies laid in the back of the car. She had the sweetest look on her face that said, “ I know I’m safe, and thank you.” While mama appears to ge a golden, we don't know who the father was as the puppies are mostly black with some white markings and some with golden brindling.

Right now, the puppies are doing well, just beginning to eat their gruel and being, well, puppies!! They are starting to play among the pack when not constantly chasing after mama for a snack. They do need to fatten up a bit but are all absolutely adorable. Puppies, puppies, puppies!

Stay tuned for more information as they grow and get closer to being ready for adoption. Each one needs a loving family to grow up around.

If you are interested in adopting one of their precious puppies, please contact Michelle at or Paula at to learn more  and link to our email.

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