King George


When George arrived in our care, he was in very rough shape.  He had a volleyball sized tumor on his side, and several smaller ones scattered around his body.  He also tested positive for heart worm.  He had a terrible hacking cough, which at first we thought was due to the heart worms.  Sadly it turned out to be metastatic lung cancer which was inoperable.  He was unable to move on his own very well.  After conferring with our vet, we expected to have him for only a few days, so decided to spoil him rotten!

We built a custom stretcher for him so we could carry him to and from the yard.  He looked so royal as he rode atop his stretcher that we named him "King George".  He willingly rode on the stretcher for about a week, and then decided he could walk on his own!  We learned that George had a torn cruciate ligament in his rear right leg, which is why he couldn't walk.  That mended on its own well and he was able to use the leg after about a month.  He did so up until his last day with us.

George was truly a gentle giant.  He instantly melded into our household as though he'd been there forever.  He was inseparable in the house, following us everywhere.  He craved attention, which we gladly showered on him.  Within a month he had built up enough strength to go for dog walks with the rest of the crew, which amazed us.  Everyone who met him along the way was drawn to him, and he shared his love with everyone.  

What we thought at the beginning would be a weekend, turned into four wonderful months.  In that time he left such an imprint on our hearts, which will be there forever.  We learned so much from him, with his ability to remain positive and happy no matter the hardships life handed him.  Thank you for sharing your heart with us King George!

Donna and Arne Larson

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