Jigsaw, my faithful companion for over 13 years, passed over the rainbow bridge on March 9 after a fight with cancer.

Jigsaw started out as an unrestrained riot of affection. He wanted to chew through everything (including a nylon leash and a shoe, just his first night!) and jump excitedly on everyone who came through the door. Over the years he calmed down a bit, but he was well into his golden years before losing his puppish enthusiasm for jumping to greet people.

He loved swimming, chasing balls (though not so much dropping them), seeing people, and playing with other dogs; all the usual Golden Retriever joys. Going out to the regular GRR swimfests, and having people come over to the house, were among his favorite things. (I’ll always remember that whenever we went to a GRR swimfest at the house in Manor, he loved swimming, but he always wanted to keep me in sight at all times, evidently scared I might leave him. He was always overjoyed to see me when I got back from trips to pick him up at my parents house.)

Age mellowed him into a dog all my friends loved.

I’ll always remember my father, in home hospice care for his own terminal cancer, scratching Jigsaw’s ears at his bedside.

He was a great dog who lived to the ripe old age of 14, and he will be missed.

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